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Dive into a world where the sea narrates tales of adventure and serenity with the Aqua Experience. Designed to be more than just boat rides, our curated experiences offer bespoke journeys tailored to the moods and moments of our valued guests. Whether it's basking under the radiant Miami sun during the Day Experience, or dancing with the reflections of the stars in our Night Experience, every voyage promises unique stories. For couples, the Romantic Experience weaves moments of intimacy amidst the vastness of the sea, while our Birthday Experience ensures celebratory waves for those special milestones. Each journey with Aqua Experience is crafted with precision, passion, and a promise to deliver memories etched with the golden ink of the Miami waters. Dive in, sail forth, and let the Aqua Experience be your compass to unforgettable maritime adventures.

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We include everything you need for the best boating experience around Miami

Navigate Miami's shimmering waters with Aqua's exquisite fleet. A seafaring adventure of elegance and excitement beckons.

Our Boats

Aqua Boat Rental takes pride in presenting a collection of vessels that epitomize luxury, elegance, and modern sophistication. Each boat in our fleet has been curated to ensure a seamless blend of comfort and adventure for our esteemed guests. Sail on our majestic "AQUA" – the Sea Ray Sundancer 45', a true testament to craftsmanship and style. For those who seek unparalleled luxury, the "Infinity One", our Sea Ray Sundancer 50', offers expansive spaces and top-tier amenities, making every journey feel regal. Not to be overshadowed, the "Bora Bora", another gem from the Sea Ray Sundancer 45' line, combines grace with contemporary amenities, promising journeys that linger in memories. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply wishing to bask in the beauty of the Miami waters, our boats are more than just vessels; they're experiences waiting to be embarked upon.

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Sea Ray Sundancer 45'

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Sea Ray Sundancer 50'
"infinity one"

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Sea Ray Sundancer 45'
"bora bora"

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Miami, a gem of the Sunshine State, is more than just its sun-kissed beaches and vibrant nightlife. It boasts a plethora of aquatic destinations that offer both serenity and adventure. Dive into the heart of the city with a sail down the Downtown Miami River, watching as the urban landscape dances with reflections on the water. Monument Island promises an oasis of tranquility amidst the sea, perfect for those seeking an intimate rendezvous with nature. Explore the luxurious enclaves of Star Island and Fisher Island, where opulence meets the ocean. Relive a legacy at the Marine Stadium, a historical haven for water sports enthusiasts. And for those looking to revel in nature's purest form, Nixon Sand Bar awaits with its pristine waters and golden sands. Each destination, unique in its charm, promises an unforgettable Miami experience.

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